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The 750 Monster Dark
Ducati Monster 750 Dark

I love this bike. Now, I am no bike expert, so this is just a relatively new riderís view. But I know when Iím in love. I was frightened of the Monster at first even though I had ogled it at bike shows for a while. I had been riding a little 250 Nighthawk as my learner bike, and wondered if the Monster was too much for me to handle. But Ricky Rizzon let me test ride one and Alistair, my husband kept saying I was finished with the Nighthawk, and anyway, I just had to have itÖ. So, with ribbons for my birthday, I had my Monster.

At first, the bike was so much better than me that it had to give me riding lessons. I swear, this bike started talking to me almost right away--- something the Nighthawk had never done. (no, Iím not psychotic) Anyway, Iíve gotten a lot better, though the monster still whispers " Wait for it" sometimes coming into a corner, and "Bella!" when Iíve gotten it right. The bike is quick and full of torque, though certainly a lot less powerful than a lot of whatís out there. But it sits in a corner like a rock, and forgives or ignores all kinds of nasty road stuff that would have had the Nighthawk all over the place. Mid-turn corrections are no problem---push it over more or bring it up, Monster complies without a twitch and only a quiet word about what I did wrong. It also fits like a glove with my thighs tucked into the side indents, and lets my feet plant firmly when stopped. The riding position is forward but fairly upright, so you can go all day comfortably. I love this bike.



Some details

The middle Monster is...

  • A 750cc aircooled V-twin,
  • Unfaired,
  • So we got a small Ducati fly screen while moves the air a bit,
  • Has a 3.5 Gallon tank,
  • Gets about 50mpg in mixed riding,
  • Giving about 170miles range to the reserve (light comes on),
  • Original tires did 11000 miles,
  • No rev counter,
  • No centerstand,
  • Got soft panniers which have been very useful,
  • Tool kit is a joke,
  • Handles well, steers lightly, soaks up bumps,
  • does over 110mph, how much over we havent found out.


Christmas 2000. Alistair got me a fairing. It was one of the factory custom parts that Ducati sells to spruce up the bike. It is black carbon fiber. It is a little wobbly at times, but I like it as it gives me a lot of wind protection.

October 2001.There are 12000 miles on the bores. The Monster is going strong. I just replaced the origonal Dunlop D205's with a set of Michelin Macadam 100's. These are Radial tires which I am told should be smoother and offer better handling. I have yet to wear all the little rubber things off the tires, but the handling is definitely nicer.

The bike had been leaking on the garage floor from the left side of the engine. This was the result of the bolts coming loose. Who knows how this happened, but a quick twirl with an Allen wrench fixed it.

Ducati Monster 750 Dark
Ducati Monster 750 Dark
Ducati Monster 750 Dark

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