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Touring the Base

For many years the US Air Force ran tours of the base and AMARC, née "Boneyard", so on the most recent visit I looked up the Air Base phone number and called to book my place. After being redirected twice I finally found myself speaking to a woman at the Pima Air & Space Museum (PASM) (Tel. 520 618-4806), she booked me onto one of the new base tours. The new schedule is much easier to handle and fit in to a trip: Monday to Friday (Except US Federal Holidays) with 5 tours each day. The PASM web site has all the details of the tours, including the costs.

Outside the fences

I have made a rough map of the AMARC facility, showing some of the external base roads, these roads provide a excellent views of much of the base inventory.


Of additional interest to some will be the various scrapyards around the airbase. These hold examples of many other aircraft types. I have no idea is any are tourable, though most are not very large and can be circumnavigated fairly easily on foot.

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