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The Blackburn Buccaneer started life as a Ministry of Defense (War Dept. even) requirement for something called TSR-1. This was issued in the late 1950's. The subsequent TSR-2 requirement became the swansong of the British Aircraft Industry, but the Buccaneer escaped that ordeal. It was a twin engined, nuclear capable medium range bomber, with the capability of being launched from an aircraft carrier. It served in both the Fleet Air Arm and the Royal Air Force and was sold to South African Air Force.

It is credited with being used to sink more shipping than all Allied aircraft sank in WWII, after Buccanners were used to sink the Torrey Canyon super tanker off the Scilly Isles, and the South African's sank a similar super tanker off their coastline.

The Buccanner finally saw active duty in the Gulf War (1990-1), just before being retired.

One very unusual feature of the aircraft was it's rotating bomb bay door, used to keep the aircraft aerodynamically clean. Later the door also housed added fuel tanks.

At a Connigsby photo shoot (1994?)

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