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Republic F-100 Super Sabre

Republic F-100 Super Sabre. Auspicious for a number of reasons: the F-100 is obviously the first of the Century series aircraft; it was the first supersonic fighter in USAF service, and it was one of the first aircraft to be designed to carry guided air-to-air missiles. The F100 was also one of the first of the 'fighter sale of the century' being sold to several European countries in the early 1960's. The Danish flew their Super Sabres well into the 1980's. Several Super Sabres have also turned up in private hands.


Final resting place for an F100 at Davis-Monthan AMARC facility.

F-100. Thunderbirds display aircraft. USAF Museum, Dayton OH. (Oct 2004)

F-100. Thunderbirds logo. USAF Museum, Dayton OH. (Oct 2004)

F-100 (Two seater) USAF Museum, Dayton OH. (Oct 2004)

A rare civilian F-100, at a rainy Binbrook airshow in 1987.

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