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MD F101 Voodoo

McDonald-Douglas F-101 Voodoo. This graceful 2 seat mach-2 fighter served in a few airforces during the 1960's and 70's. It was also later used in some situations as a target drone for Surface-to-Air missile testing. It had 3 main models, 2 fighter types and a reconnaissance version. The fighter types were significant because they could carry the Genie unguided air-to-air nuclear tipped rocket, intended to break up Soviet bomber formations.


An F101C at the Pima Aircraft Museum, Tucson AZ.

An F101 at Davis-Monthan AMARC facility.

F-101A Carolina Aviation Museum. (Oct 2004)

F-101B USAF Museum, Dayton OH. (Oct 2004)

RF-101C USAF Museum, Dayton OH. (Oct 2004)

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