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F-111 Aardvark

The F-111 swing wing fighter-bomber was intended to be a multi service aircraft, originally designed for both carrier and land based use. The Navy eventual cancelled their version of the F-111, but the air force persisted with development and created one of the most feared low level strike aircraft in the US inventory.

In the late 1990's the aircraft were finally withdrawn from service, creating a void in the EW community that is felt to this day.

F-111's were bought by only one other country, Australia, which named the aircraft the Aardvark. I don't think the USAF ever actually named the F-111, it just inherited the Australian name.

The F-111 was developed as a fighter bomber, the most common types being the A, E and F models. The FB-111, or K model, were used by the Australians and Strategic Air Command as long range bombers. The last main model was a conversion of, primarily, A model aircraft into the radar jamming EF-111 model ("spark vark"!).

F-111 at RAF Binbrook Airshow, 1988

F-111 overflying Donna Nook, c 1989

EF-111 at Nellis AFB, 1997

EF-111's at Davis-Monthan AFB, AMARC

Assorted F-111's at Davis-Monthan AFB, AMARC

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