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F-16 (Falcon)

The Lockheed F-16, the Fighting Falcon, is the mainstay of over 30 countries airforces. In the 1980's this fighter, competing with the Mirage F-1 became the latest Sale Of The Century fighter when 9 European countries bought over 300 of the type. The F16 was envisaged as a lightweight fighter, winning selection over the YF-17, the precursor to the F-18, and being bought in large numbers by the USAF. 4 primary models have been produced but there are many alterations, particularly to electronic systems in the various production 'blocks'. The A and B model fighters have now mostly be removed from service due to fatigue issues, the C and D models are heavier and have full digital systems.

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Seymour-Johnson AFB Open Day '90. F-16A.

F-16A, Davis-Monthan AMARC.

F-16C, Nellis AFB, 1999

F-16D, Nellis AFB, 1999

F-16C, in aggressor colours 1999

Experimental, digital fly-by-wire, unstable F-16 AFTI, USAF Museum Dayton, OH (Oct 2004)

F-16A, in bicentennial colours, USAF Museum Dayton, OH (Oct 2004)

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