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Lockheed-Martin YF-22 / F/A-22

The Airforce's next generation fighter. Already years late and excessively expensive, it should bring a boost to air power projection for the airforce. It will be the first stealthy interceptor in service; it will have super-cruise (the ability to fly supersonically without reheat;) it will have a sophisticated radar that will allow normal radar operation and simultaneously jamming. It carries its weapons internally. Some 270 are on order, though the airforce is holding out for more, with verseions slated to take up wild weasel, and UCAV control roles. The fly-away price of some $160 million, may limit its numbers though.

The F/A designation indicates the aircraft will be multi-role capable; it will be both an interceptor and an attack / bomber aircraft from the outset.

YF-22, USAF Museum Dayton, OH. (Oct 2004)

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