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MD F-4 Phantom

McDonnel Douglas F-4 Phantom

The F-4 Phantom, was one of the most successful jet fighters of the last 40 years, with over 4000 being manufactured. It serves with many air forces around the world, still. It's a big powerful fighter, that took on many roles during its active life. Even in retirement the USAF continues to fly a few for research and as target drones (QF-4's). Originally designed as a Navy fighter, it was soon adopted by the Air Force.

Seymour-Johnson AFB open day, 1990. One of the last Wild Weasel aircraft in the static park.

Seymour-Johnson AFB open day, 1990. An RF-4C, late in life.


F-4 tails cross the desert. A Navy demobed


The Davis Monthan Boneyard's collection of F-4's many will see service as QF-4's.


Note that these aircraft are stored with their long range tanks. D-M '98


RF-4 in storage at Davis Monthan, Aug '98

F-4B, USS Intrepid, New York NY (2002)

F-4B & J-79 engines, Carolina Air Museum, Charlotte, NC (Oct 2004)

F-4C, USAF Museum, Dayton, OH (Oct 2004)

F-4G Wild Weasel, USAF Museum, Dayton, OH (Oct 2004)

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