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In the spirit of the Concorde project Britain and France decided to jointly develop the Jaguar as a ground attack aircraft. It was never a great flying success, but seems to have been liked. It was underpowered, from the start, and only in later life did the aircraft get engines that allowed it to take off at maximum load. Using, for the period, advanced inertial navigation avionics to navigate by and attack targets, it was a relatively difficult aircraft to pick out from the ground clutter, as it did not radiate much in the EM spectrum. It was designed to fly at tree top level, which it has done in many types of terrain. It has over the years picked up a defensive element, the Internationale version capable of being fitted with over the wing Matra Magic short range IR guided air-to-air missiles. The aircraft is used by Britain and France, and was sold to a few middle eastern countries.

One Jaguar upgrade that went no-where was the Jaguar 2000, an aircraft fitted with the Tornado's RB-199 turbofans for a considerable kick in power.

Jaguar XZ115, showing light 'desert' paint scheme. RAF Donna Nook range, c 1989. Interesting this aircraft is still painted in light colours in 2004. Sorry about the nose in the top image!

Normal gary/green camoflague. RAF Donna Nook range, c 1989

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