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SR-71 Blackbird

Few US aircraft are treated as emotionally as the SR-71 Blackbird. Coming from the hand of the great Kelly Johnson, and the infamous Lockheed Skunk works, this was a true revolution in aircraft performance. Not only was it fast, but it could sustain it's speed for great distances. It was envisioned initially as the A-11 (YF-12) fighter, but ended up with a different chine arrangement and being classified as a reconnaissance asset. It should have been the RS-71, but for a minor slip in a speech by Lyndon Johnson. It was finally removed from service in the early 1990's but due to congressional pressure, re-instated into service. The SR-71 was finally retired from service 1999.


SR-71 at Nellis for 50th Anniversary.

SR-71. USAF Museum, Dayton OH. (Oct 2004)

YF-12. USAF Museum, Dayton OH. (Oct 2004)

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