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Bombers, Fighters, and Others
An index to various types I have photographed

Air Field visits
Castle AFB
The Davis Monthan AFB Collection (The Boneyard)
Nellis AFB
RAF Donna Nook

WWII, and 50's through the 80's
94th Bomber (A fine restaurant!)
British flight
Royal Air Force tackle from the late 70's
New Jersey Wings and Wheels Airday, Teterboro

Pima Aircraft Museum Tucson, AZ
New England Air Museum Windsor Locks, CT
USAF Museum Dayton, OH (updated! Oct 2004)
National Air & Space Museum, Udvar-Hazy Center Chantilly, VA
Carolina Air Museum Charlotte, NC
Intrepid Air & Space Museum New York, NY
Air Nation, USAF 60th Anniversary Nellis AFB Nov 2007

Over the years, I have been taking photo's of 'most anything that moves. This has generated a significant gallery of negatives and slides. Much of this gallery is of aircraft.

Growing up in Lincolnshire, England, I lived in Bomber Country. Close by were fields like Waddington and Scampton, further out were Coningsby, Cranwell and Binbrook. While many fields have closed down, I was lucky enough to see the Vulcans, Lightning's and Phantoms that were based at these locations. These aircraft provided the music; the Zenit, Fuji, Olympus and Nikon were the recorders. Lincolnshire is still home to many bases; AWAC's, Tornado's, and visiting aircraft, the modern attractions.

Leaving the UK for the USA was a wrench. Fighters and bombers are much rarer in the New York metropolitan environs, so adventures to see these creatures have to be much further afield, and more time consuming. However, I have paid visits to Seymour Johnson, Davis Monthan, Travis, Castle, Dover and Nellis.

Photo's from these various visits will be placed here for view.

Additionally, I am associated with a photo library run by a good friend, Gary Parson, who is rapidly becoming a high profile aviation photographer. The library is called FFour, pay it a visit.

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