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I think it's safe to say that most of my friends put up with my opinionated views, because they hold the same belief as I do: One day I may be right, at least partly.

I try not to stand on tradition too much, except in so much as all of us that live in "Democratic" countries live by the right of Free Speech - or at least freer speech ('wagging tongues kill people' aside) and that entitles us to make prognosications (nice word) about whatever we wish. My personal specialities are in the realms of Computing, and Defense, with special emphasis on aircraft and systems related comments. The ideas I comment on are in the public domain, I am not in the military, know no secrets, and am not going to write about any activites related to particular employers work. With that said I still feel I, along with you, have things that must be said. This is my crate to stand on and shout from. You may email me with your feelings on my commentary, I will feel no hurt. I will warn however, that I have a fairly dry sense of humour that looks a triffle synical at times, well most of the time, don't let this bend you out of shape.

To battle!

The Opinion Emporium

Cynicism comes easily to these pages. The Opinion Emporium is my venting area. Read my opinions on a variety subjects that I feel dearly about. Don't hesitate to flame me!


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