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Some people think that there is only one way to travel along a road, and that it involves 4 wheels. While I am not of the persuasion that believes in extended spells covering distance on just two feet, I am partial to the journey as defined by 2 wheels, one in front of the other.

For twenty years these wheels have been powered, more or less. There have been occasions I reverted to pedal-power bicycles, but it was only in the interests of health. And that says much about my motorcycling...

I learned quickly how to go fast. I also learned how best to relax when sliding along the road. I learned how to fix fallen motorcycles. I learned to stay dry and reasonably warm on a motorcycle, though it took a few cold, damp years to perfect.

As interested in crashing... um, racing as I am, I try to follow the racing schedules. Here are some dates and details to keep you going.

In keeping with the concept of listening to my own voice, here are a few scribbles on the bikes shows of the last few years held in the New York area

Visit this site to see the latest on a motorcycle show in your neck of the US woods



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