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Road Trip!!
Subtitled: Have convertible, will travel. 

Trips all over the place. Trips to foreign lands, trips to places closer at hand. Just going out for a party. We've done a lot of them. We've photographed a good few as well. So here are some of those travels.

Carwash, NJ. October 2006
Bleesby, Lincolnshire. August 2006
Road Trip 2004: OH, KY and NC to see museums
Joy Riding : test driving new cars
Robert and Dawns Party At the Kitano, NYC
The Motorcycle Races in Monterey, CA
Montclair, NJ 2000
Road Trip 2001: Scotland
Road Trip 2002: Virginia

There are those that have never gone anywhere. There are those to whom a credit card is as important as air and who see the world as just one big playground. My wife and I fit somewhere in the middle.

Over the years we have traveled extensively across the US and the UK. The vast bulk of the travel has been unplanned. Road trips can be a few hours on local roads, or several days... out there. The test of a successful road trip: you need to stop at the local tip to clean the car out, before going to the car wash. The back seat is not for passengers, though they sometimes are there, its for catching empty coffee cups, burger wrappers and National Park guides. And tee-shirts that say "Been There, Done That"

An added dimension to a good road trip can be speed; Just how fast can we get from New York to Nevada, via backroads?

These trips have also left open the opportunity to get into my next favourite activity, photography. Be it a small deserted gas station on the side of old Route 66, or an abbey in the Yorkshire moors, there are always many things to point a lens at. Have a look at this little selection >>>>.

Some additional observations.

You will be stopped for speeding in Kansas.
Rental Cars are All Terrain Vehicles, with better than 4 wheel drive.
They never need cleaning.
The tyres always screech if pressed.
Aircraft seats were created for midgets that need to be fully reclined to live
It takes 40 minutes to turn an aircraft around.
Airlines will tell you, even to the scheduled departure minute, that the thing is on time, even though it has not yet arrived.
Motels ALL look the same.
$190 rooms are better than $19 rooms - you get an iron.
Octane ratings change across the US, read completely differently in most of the world and mean nothing in France.
A credit card will fail in direct relationship to the urgency of its need and the length of the queue behind you.
Kansas is not flat, its rolling. It's the Interstate that's level.
Maclean, Texas is small. Almost a ghost town.
McLean, Virginia is almost unfindable.
Macleanville, North Carolina could be home.
Ghost towns are mostly tourist traps.
Asbury Park is a ghost town - it's not a tourist trap.
Get your camera film before you leave home.
Always leave with a tooth brush.
Leave money for a taxi somewhere safe before visiting Las Vegas.
The Grand Canyon is a large hole in the ground. There are many such in the southwest and most are touchable.
Other than the rental car, leave everything the way you found it.

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