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The NYC Bike Show 2005
Back The New York City International Motorcycle Show, January 21st-23rd 2005


Without wishing to sound like a broken record, the weather for this show was diaboloical. The forecast was for a major snow storm to break over the area by noon on Saturday and run till noon on Sunday. Add to this that one of the north east was well represented by American Football teams playing in the AFC finals on the Sunday, and all heck was set to occur on the Saturday morning. And that is just what happened. All heck! We got in (early for us) at 11am on Saturday, to find the show absolutely packed. An hour in and the first blizzard of 2005 started outside.

All that aside this was a show for the stretched out custom bike builders. There were more bits of rolling art inside than can easily be accounted for. Sad thing is that most of these things are barely rideable. I noticed some with fork oversizes of maybe 18 inches. A stretch that long with 'cool looking' thin fork legs is definitely a throw back to an earlier time; these would have to be custom choppers of the old school. We all know that those old choppers had handling that can best be described as "bloody awful." It doesn't seem to stop people buying these $30,000 - $70,000 rolling sculptures though, and there were almost a half dozen OCC/WCC look-alike companies selling their wares. Over in one corner there were even 'mini' choppers. These odd looking creations featuring small capacity V-twin engines that loked like they had be taken from a portable generator, or a really big chain saw, mated to (what appeared to be) full sized choper chassis'.

Home, Sweet Home!


Out from Colorado was a small company called Ecosse Moto, and being Scottish I was particularly taken by the name. The sales person, Wendy, was happy to take my silly questions and observations, of what looked like an interesting take on the American sports V-twin. Based on an Evo style motor built by Patrick Racing, this was an interesting looking bike, if a bit busy. There were many details and the parts looked good - and they should be for the asking price of $65K - but somehow the overall look was a bit confused, for want of a better word. That said, these look like awesome machines, and could be real screamers on a backroad that heretofore has been the province of Italian and Japanese bikes only.


I guess another of this years themes might have been the number of scooters and scooter inspired machines that littered some of the stands. Honda, Yamaha, and Aprillia all showed various scooters, with various engine capacities,and they all looked to be getting quite a work out in the seat testing department.


Looking like the racetrack renegade it is, the Moto Guzzi MGS 01 was still an awesome sight. I have loved Guzzi's from first laying eyes on a original Le Mans way back when. The MGS 01 carries that racing heritage into 2005. The bike looked spectacular. The exhaust system, very pronounced, wrapped sinuous around the engine and exited under the seat, in an exhibition of Guzzi's mastery of titanium bending. So when are the road going versions due???

Everyone's coming to the Monster Mash!


Racing Monster

Styled like a 50's or 60's racer

Frame still needed work

As part of Ducati's efforts to bring some italian fun to the shows, several of the Motorcycle shows will have Monster custom events. New York had one such. The above depict four of the approximately dozen entries. You could vote for your personal favorite custom job, sure in the knowledge that no selection was unwarranted.


I messed up a bit this year with the camera, I went for the available light option, and as a consequence most of the images show some/lots of bluriness. So Val Rossi's M1, some more monsters and various japanese bikes all went into the bit bucket. So, far less that previous years, here are a few other show images:

Ducati cutaway 999

Victory Hammer

MV-Agusta F4 1000 S

MV-Agusta F4 1000 S 1 + 1 (passengers!)

Ural with outfit

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