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Park Street 75-79 

The Park Street Annex was an old NAAFI building, just off the High Street in Lincoln. It had a career service, several classrooms and a large common room that had once been the refectory. It was in the common room that I did most of my photography. The economy was not good, people were doing the best they could. These were mostly younger people, almost all still in their teens, who came to the annex to take courses they had missed out on, or previously failed. Smoking was allowed. Drinking was limited to coffee, tea and hot chocolate. The pubs all accepted us, though.

I took photographs in black and white, because I could process it myself. I 'pushed' the film, often increasing the sensitivity to 3200 ASA, hence many images are quite grainy. Most of these images have been seen by the people that are seen, though 20 some years ago.

The sad thing about looking at these images is that I don't recall who many of these people are anymore. Some faces and names are etched into my mind, but some faces are just nameless. Maybe someone will see them and send me the names.

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Alistair. January 2000.


Back in 2004, I was in Lincoln, I walked into the little street that lead to the old Park Street Annex to be met by the sight of construction. The old building was gone, demolished, a large hole taking its place. I guess it just makes the pictures more poignant, that these images record a group of people with a past now common to a diminishing number of yellow bellies.

Alistair. September 2005.

They loved me, really
Sarah showing her teeth. Better than beating me with her handbag Monica resorting to hot coffee Tracy with cup of water

One of the saddest bits of doing this
was realising I had forgotten the names. Thankfully, I noticed I wrote Tracy's name on the negative sleeve. I think I dated her once.
Tracy: Deer in the headlights look Tracy: Regreting the bet about another photograph Tracy: Prior to evening classes Tracy: I think I have to go now

There were various people I could not help photographing. Sarah was one. A Lincolnshire farmers daughter, she was HOT.
With Claire and I Having a laugh Profile (and masthead) Looking on Getting pissed off Listening Claire being Churchillian

Monica now lives in Yorkshire and had purple hair for a time. I love her dearly.
In a pack read for lectures So innocent! A later look

I played pool with him for a year. He loved to be in vogue. He partied hard.
About as cool as it gets As Mod As Mod Showing changes between snaps Partied out

The first openly Gay person I knew, I never knew his partner till looking at the negatives 20 years later.
In pensive mood At Christmas party

Ruth and Liz K
Sisters. So very different. Liz serious, Ruth couldn't be.
Ruth being bashful Ruth having a drag at the Xmas party Ruth caught in a moment Liz looking unsure Liz deep in some far off thought Liz happy Liz & Neil acting out what was really happening

The Common Room Crowd
So many people, so few names.
Unknown: nail biting college days Unknown: Unknown: A common reaction Unknown: The couch. A flea ridden thing, but the center of cool Unknown: Some style just never came in Claire & Unknown: Liason See what I mean about the smokes? Unknown: Unsure if their spirits will survive Unknown, possibly Dawn: Took lots of snaps of her. Unknown, possibly Dawn: Took lots of snaps of her. Unknown, possibly Dawn: Took lots of snaps of her. Unknown, possibly Dawn: Took lots of snaps of her. Sue: Lived not far away Sue: being young and determined Unknown: Unknown: Lunch Unknown: Outside, on the High Street

Entertainment Committee
Neil W. kind of ran this, the rest of us were there to make it look OK.
Justin larking about Neil directing Committee members, far right, Shirley Neil returning with drinks

Various friends
I think I have these names off pat...
Kim Claire: Went to the Civil Service Les S.: Where is he now? Alisdair, not me

Yvonka: Delirious

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