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Dawg, NJ. Dec 16th 2006.
Outhouse, Pa. Dec 9th 2006.
Windows. Dec 9th 2006.
Winter walk
Winter walk. NJ, Dec 3rd 2006.
Orion, more night than day light to take pictures with. Nov 25th 2006.
Robesonia station
Robesonia station, Pa, Nov 25th 2006.
Empire State Building from 34th Street
Empire State Building from 34th Street, Javitts Center NYC, Nov 4th 2006.
Woman and Big bicycle chain
Rather nice Australian (Crumpler bag) woman and Big bicycle chain, Javitts Center NYC, Nov 4th 2006.
Chairs at the new Port Imperial
Chairs at the new Port Imperial, Weehawken NJ, Nov 4th 2006.
Scotchwood Diner
Scotchwood Diner, Scotch Plains NJ, Sept 27th 2006.
PhotoPlus Model
PhotoPlus Model, throwing us all back to the 60's, NYC, Nov 4th 2006.
Phone at night
Phone at night, Sept 27th 2006.
Moonlight on the Porch
Moonlight on the Porch, Sept 6th 2006.
Crash. NJ, Oct 29th 2006.
Gas lamp
Gas lamp. Street lamp in Sth Orange, NJ, Sept 23rd 2006.
Diner mural
Diner mural. Sth Orange, NJ, Sept 23rd 2006.
Louvre pyramid
Louvre pyramid through arch. B&W, Paris, Aug 12th 2006.
Fromage shop
Fromage shop. Paris, Aug 12th 2006.
Under a Pyramid
Under a Pyramid. Louvre Mall, Paris, Aug 12th 2006.
Blue period
Blue period. Paris, Aug 11th 2006.
I think this is my favourite photo of this particular days shooting.
The girl could be a young version of the woman in the portrait.
Paris, Aug 11th 2006.
Old and newer road signs
Old and newer road signs. Paris, Aug 11th 2006.
Artistic Affair
Artistic Affair. Door. Paris, Aug 11th 2006.
Art is not a serious matter
Art is a serious matter
Art is not a love affair
Art is a love affair
Art is to be nothing
Art is birth
And with this translation, my French teacher rolls in his grave.
Shop window
Shop window, Paris, Aug 11th 2006.
Driftwood in Window
Driftwood in Window, Paris, Aug 11th 2006.
Courtyard, Latin Quarter, Paris, Aug 11th 2006.
Alley, Latin Quarter, Paris, Aug 11th 2006.
Bar, Paris, Aug 11th 2006.
Law School, old style
Law School, old style, Paris, Aug 10th 2006.
Versailles, France
Versailles, France, Aug 10th 2006.
Montmatre, Paris
Montmatre street scene, Paris, Aug 10th 2006.
London Eye
London Eye, Aug 9th 2006.
Portsmouth beach... all shingle. Yuck, Portsmouth
Portsmouth beach... all shingle. Yuck, Portsmouth, Aug 5th 2006.
Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth
Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth, Aug 5th 2006.
Norman Door at Lincoln Cathederal
Norman Door at Lincoln Cathederal, Lincoln, Aug 3rd 2006.
Busking in Buxton
Busking in Buxton, Derbyshire, Aug 3rd 2006.
Lincoln Cathederal, West Front
Lincoln Cathederal, West Front, Aug 3rd 2006.
Flowery Nags Head Pub, Cumbria
Flowery Nags Head Pub, Cumbria, Aug 2nd 2006.
Hadrians Wall, Cumbria
Hadrians Wall, Cumbria, Aug 1st 2006.
Kirkstone Pass, Cumbria
Kirkstone Pass, Cumbria, July 29th 2006.
Porch railings. Reading, Pa. July 22nd 2006.
Victory motor.
Victory motor. Fern's Victory in B&W. July 19th 2006.
We have a pear!
We have a pear on our Pear tree! NJ. July 16th 2006.
H-D Road King
H-D Road King. Watchung Reservation NJ. July 6th 2006.
Rainbow over garden
Rainbow over garden. NJ. July 2nd 2006.
Flowering Yucca plants.
Flowering Yucca plants in the garden. NJ. June 24th 2006.
Garden chairs, a silent liason.
Garden chairs, a silent liason. June 24th 2006.
Paint Sale!
Paint Sale! Music & Arts Festival,
New Providence, NJ,
June 10 29th 2006.

Come here little adult!
Come here little adult! Kids handing out candy to residents (and pets),
Memorial Day parade, New Providence, NJ,
May 29th 2006.

George Washington waz 'ere.
George Washington waz 'ere. Washington Rock State Park, NJ

Collapsed Table
Collapsed picnic table looking like some Arthurian tomb. Watchung Reservation, NJ

Foliage. Watchung Reservation, NJ

Someone in the mist
Someone in the mist. A misty day in Watchung Reservation, NJ

Slant to the News
Slant to the News, newspaper boxes, Alexis Diner, Denville, NJ

Diner Sign
Alexis Diner sign, Denville, NJ

Tickets Please!
Tickets Please! NJ Transit train

Seat at Dusk
Seat at Dusk. Watchung Reservation, NJ

Spring comes to the Woods
Spring comes to the Woods. Watchung Reservation, NJ

Office and Blossom
Office and Blossom. New Providence, NJ

Bentley. NYC Auto Show.

Don's BSA
Don's BSA.

3 Quarter Moon
3 Quarter Moon.

Disused bridge, Rt 512, NJ
Disused bridge, Rt 512, NJ.

Manhattan Skyline
A slightly clear day and 30 miles visibility. The Manhattan Skyline from the 80's to Battery Park

Like 1933, Empire State Building over NYC
Like 1933, Empire State Building over NYC

The Jersey Shore?
The Jersey Shore? Colgate Clock, Jersey City, NJ.

Route 22 at night
Route 22 at night

contrails at sunset
contrails at sunset

Surprise Lake, Watchung Reservation, NJ
Surprise Lake, Watchung Reservation, NJ

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