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Double Wide!

So you got two honking great monitors, side by side - a double wide - and you suddenly find that while you can have the same image smeared over both, or even a different image in each monitor, there are few images lying around that span both :-( It's a sad day!

I have a dual monitor setup at work, two NEC 1970NX's, a nice setup. The monitors are each 1280 x 1028, giving me a 2560 pixel wide area to fill.

Well, it so happens that the digital camera takes a wider shot than that, so I'm in luck! I have taken some shots that are appropriately condensed toward the middle of the frame and I am trying them as screen backgrounds. Not all are a success, but feel free to download and enjoy them. The thumbnails show the image, you can click on it to see the big version, then save it, or you can right click and "save link as..."

Save the image somewhere on your computer. These are big jpeg images, the backgrounds used in windows are actually bitmap images (that are even larger), but Windows will make it's own copy in good time. Bring up the screen applet (right click on the background, and select "Properties.")

Screen Applet

Select Browse and find the image you just saved, select "Tile" on the 'Position' drop down. To save everything, click on "Apply", then Click "Ok". You should now have the image spread across both monitors.

All images are my copyright, you are free to copy, distribute, but not charge for them. Please ascribe to me if you do pass an image on.

Storm over Great Salt Lake, UT Storm over Great Salt Lake, UT
Architects Office. Deco frontage in Echo Lakes, NJ Architects Office
Bench at dusk. Watchung Reservation. NJ Bench
News at an angle. Alexus Diner, NJ News
Hadrian's country, Cumbria, UK Hadrians country
Hadrians Wall, Cumbria, UK Hadrians Wall
Jardins de Versailles, France, not Kentucky! Gardens at Versailles

Neptune at Versailles. One for the ladies that want a genuinely Hard body.

Neptune at Versailles
Port Imperial Terminal, Weehawken, NJ Port Imperial
Pier 79, NYC. Pier 79 NYC
Washington Monument flags, DC Washington Monument flags
WW II Memorial, DC WW II memorial
Enola Gay and guardians, Udvar-Hazy Center, NASM Enola Gay
Trees along swollen, flooded streams Tree lined, swollen stream
The Great Swamp The Great Swamp
Massed Bands Massed Bands
Lake, Charlotte, NC Lake
New York, New York, Vegas Style New York, New York. Las Vegas
Snowy Pavillion Snowy pavillion
Somewhere near Chloride, Nevada Chloride, NV
Scrapyard, Tucson, AZ Scrapyard
DC-3 Dakota DC-3

All images Copyright A. Maclean (2006 - 2008)
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